Are you skilled with your hands? Have you ever thought about working with wood? There are a lot of things these days that are made of plastic including furniture, toys, and shelves. There are a lot of great woodwork plans that you can make anything with.

Remember the good old days when people took pride in their work and men who were good at woodworking would make furniture by hand? There are many great things about working with wood including making amazing things that you can take pride in. Here are seven woodworking plan ideas that you can do right in the comfort of your own home.

1-Bed Plans

This might be a good reason to get your family involved in a project. You and your whole family can pick exactly how you want the bed to look, the color of the wood, and the kind of wood you want to use.

2-Outdoor sheds

Have you been to a home improvement store lately and see the price of outdoor sheds? Why pay an outrageous amount of money when you can get the materials and just build the shed yourself? You can make your shed the size and shape you want and save yourself a lot of money.

3-Rabbit hutches

Rabbits make great pets, but finding them a rabbit hutch can be expensive. Did you know that you can build your rabbit a better rabbit hutch then what you can find at a pet store? Imagine a cage made of wood instead of wire? Wooden hutches are much better for rabbits than wire cages, and your rabbit will now have a better home.

4-Kids playhouse

You want your kids to have a safe place to play right? Why take the chance of some store bought playhouse being dangerous? The benefits of building your own kids playhouse is that you can design it yourself, and put in a lot more safety features than something you get from the store.

5-Dog house

Dog houses can be pretty expensive, and for all the money you are spending you might as well build it yourself!


Do you want a great weekend project? How about building your own carport? Carports are made of plastic and metal. If you make your own carport out of wood, it will be a lot stronger than what you can buy at a store. What better way to protect your car than a wooden carport?

7-Boat plans

Yes, you heard me right even boats! Most boats these days are made of plywood, and wouldn’t it be better to build your own boat rather than rely on some flimsy plywood boat? You can buy the wood and make the boat in any way shape or form that you want as long as you follow a good set of woodwork plans.


Woodworking is a skill that many people have and are able to make a profit off of. There are a lot of things now that are made of plastic, but these days people are preferring to buy certain things out of wood. Anyone who has woodworking skills can make such amazing things as dog houses, carports, and rabbit hutches that people will appreciate and pay handsomely for.