A hot tub is one of the best ways to inject a bit of luxury into your day to day life; what better way to wash away your stresses and worries than with a hot, bubbly soak at home?

Most of us have to make do with the public baths to enjoy the benefits of a Jacuzzi, but if you’re lucky enough to own a home spa then you’ll also know the upkeep of your home spa is important. A lot of health and technical issues can arise if you don’t properly maintain your hot tub and look after it as best as possible, and in the long-run it might even cause you to lose money. Here are some simple ways to keep your home spa running efficiently whilst cutting some of those frustrating costs.

Check the Water Regularly

Like a public swimming pool, the water in your home spa needs to be treated and monitored carefully to make sure everything is healthy. Using chlorine or bromine treatments is a good way to keep the water clean; just keep in mind that you need to check the pH levels and the best level is 7.4 (the same pH level as a human eye). Too much of any sanitiser can be extremely uncomfortable and dangerous, whilst two little prevents the water from being as clean as it could be.

It’s also recommended that you buy hot tub chemicals from dedicated swimming pool and spa stores. The higher you pay, the better the quality.

Get a Good Cover

There are plenty of hot tub covers available to buy, but it’s important that you know what sort of cover to get for your particular model. The cover should ideally fit tightly over the spa in order to prevent heat from escaping. A decent hot tub cover can be an effective way to reduce your energy bill and save money, as less heat escapes when you’re not using it. You can also look into insulating covers for even more rewards.

Change the Water Regularly

You don’t have to change the water every day with a hot tub, but you do have to ensure that the water is changed on a somewhat regular basis. How often you change the water is dependent on how frequently you use the hot tub, but there’s a degree of common sense involved as well. The recommended periods for changing water in general is every three, four or six months, but if you ever feel like the water could do with a change, just go ahead and do it.

Condition Your Cover

Conditioning your hot tub cover once a month will help it to last longer, getting you more value for your money. Conditioning your cover effectively protects it from UV rays, which can cause the cover to harden and crack over time.

Keep an Eye on It

Always check in on things with your hot tub to make sure everything’s OK. Now and then you might have to make adjustments to the chemicals, make replacements and monitor levels and indexes. It’s surprisingly complex work to properly maintain a hot tub, so make sure that everything you’re supposed to do it done correctly and safely.