To adults, carpets are more of a decoration. Carpet creates an aesthetic appeal to a room. In addition to that, it beautifies the area and become the center of attraction at home. But for kids and pets, carpet is a playground where they can have fun. Who can blame them? Yes you can trap the dirt and other airborne particles using an ordinary vacuum cleaner but not the remaining hair on the carpet. You’ve also asked your visitors to take off their shoes on the carpeted area but that’s not enough to maintain its cleanliness. What you need to have is a powerful carpet shampooer like S4212.

Vacuums are designed for one goal and that is to pull the dirt on the surface. However, most units available in the market today are not equally created. Some can do the job well while others just spread the dirt on the carpet rather than sweeping it out. There is no trick when vacuuming the surfaces of your home. It will always depend of the vacuum unit that you are using. If you are planning to invest for a vacuum cleaner, why not choose the best? Yes, the one that can bring fast and efficient results. At the same time, you have to choose the one that is durable enough to last for years.

Miele S4212 is different from other units available as it was made using WindTunnel type of technology, which helps a lot in keeping the surfaces of your home free from dirt. The dual agitator is also a great addition as it provides a wide cleaning path. If emptying the canister is your biggest problem when vacuuming, you need not to worry. It’s because this unit does not require dust bag. This means, you can throw away the used bag after using. But what makes this unit friendly is the HEPA filter which has the ability to fence in 99.97 percent of dirt. This is such an amazing tool for pet owners because it not just cleans the dirt on the surface but also pulls even the smallest airborne particle like hair.

The HEPA filter can be easily maintained because it is washable. And according to statements made by professionals, this filter can last for a decade or so. The extension wands are also great help most especially when cleaning small spaces at home such as kitchen and walls. The arms can extend for up to 14″ which makes it easier to maneuver. S4212 not just restrict to two or three cleaning levels because it will allow you to choose from six different power levels. If there’s a big difference this unit features, that would be the 1200-watt motor that provides strong suction yet with optimal power usage. On board tools include dusting brush, crevice tool, 360 swivel wheels, 33 feet automatic cord and wide thread lifters.

The unit only weighs 10.5 pounds which makes it easier for you to carry. When you purchase the item, the 7-year motor warranty will be issued together with the instruction manuals. If you are tired with your old and noisy vacuum, S4212 is definitely the perfect cleaning tool I would recommend to you. And to prove that the information I mentioned above is true, you can check out a review of this product on popular websites like Google, Amazon and eBay.

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