Cleaning a wheelchair is demanding and yet not as much as living in one. Most wheelchairs are actually designed to provide maximum comfort to the people who use them to move around. However, the grime is inevitable. The problems can be more than simple stains. You can see cuts and notches, pieces of turf, tire tracks, rubber streaks and many other cases of refuse. You can diminish or prevent the forming of these messes easier with the following techniques:

1. Place Protection on the Walls

Perhaps the most reliable method of guarding the walls is to place some plastic moulding. You can choose between stick-on or nail-on moulding.

2. Get a Second Wheelchair

To protect the home interior from dirt tracks, you can actually use a second wheelchair specifically for outdoor use. Of course, two wheelchairs will take quite a place but the perspective to deal with mud and dirt inside your home is not very attractive, so have mercy on the rugs and the floor in your property. Besides, if you have a wheelchair with wheels designed strictly for indoor use, you will be able to keep the rubber marks from happening.

The pre-emptive measures may be great but sooner or later you will have to deal with the aforementioned stains and marks. Use the following solutions for cleaning of your wheelchair:

3. Glass Cleaning Solution

With a glass cleaner, you can remove the rubber marks from your floor. Basically, the rubber marks are slight build-ups, so use a plastic scrubber or a clean damp cloth depending on the surface. Just make sure that the flooring material is not damaged. If the rubber marks are on a carpet, use the best practice of cleaning service companies. Considering the weave and the fibres of the rug, you can use baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol and other solutions.

4. Even WD-40 Will Work

WD-40 can clean most types of surfaces and remove most stains. However, some surfaces can be easily damaged by the greasy substance. Also, the surfaces treated with WD-40 will be slippery for a long time. For that reason, you will need to clean as much as you can of the grease after you erase the rubber marks. Use a clean cloth with good absorption properties for this. You can also damp the cloth with a few drops of rubbing alcohol.

5. The Most Expensive and Yet Efficient Cleaning Solution

The best cleaning solution against the messes caused by your wheelchair is a special spray that most wheelchair vendors offer. On the other hand, most of these sprays are quite expensive. So, depending on your mobility, you can use different home-made solutions instead. Furthermore, you can book for cleaning service companies and use a thorough cleaning of your home and your wheelchair.