I don’t want to waste a bunch of your time so lets just get right into it OK? Check it out. I just want to say the difference between failing and landlord direct success is really the difference in taking the time to do these simple steps.

Tip # 1 Fence the yard

Look you don’t have to put up a fancy fence, just make sure the yard is split up from the neighbor.

People like to see that where they are getting ready to live is theirs.

Use shrubs, rocks, wooden barrels or go to a antique shop and find neat things to just show neat boundaries to show them it’s theirs.

This can really make a small market turn into a huge market.

Tip # 2 Landscape

If you want to just gain more buying traffic to your property this is a great place to start. If the yard looks nice people will admire it then when they see it’s available they are more likely to contact you.

You show that it’s cared about, this means a lot to someone who has a higher level of respect for themselves. You also gain a good client this way.

First impressions work in all ways, not just with meeting people. But when people walk up and see nice bushes, neat rocks and wood chips instead of weeds. People are quicker to pay more.

Tip # 3 Covered deck or porch

This creates depth into the property and gets people dreaming. They envision themselves as having a glass of wine or hanging with friends and family. This is important to really show value. You touch emotions.

People value good times and the more ways your property can create these good times with the special features that it has, your ability to get more, is easier.

You can create a covered porch or deck very easily, look online for great ideas.

Tip # 4 Good lighting

Believe it or not lighting equals security. Security to people is HUGE. This is really important if they have kids.

Put good lighting in the garage and the man will be really excited and selling the wife on how important it is.

Good lighting in the yard or where they park can add safety. Safety is really easy to create value in someone’s mind.

Lighting in the bathrooms helps her sell him on how important her beauty is. A woman loves an awesome bathroom. Lighting is huge in there for them when they are using beauty products.

Lighting in the kitchen is very valuable to both the man and the woman.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to boost value in this area and it makes a huge impact.

If you are really interested in creating value and have landlord direct success you must implement these ideas. They are inexpensive and easy to put into action.

I couldn’t possibly give you all the best resources to create more value in your home selling opportunities. There are more ways to improve your value before you market your property. If you would like more information about add value you will find it at this website, click here!