Many real estate agents say that bathrooms have a lot more influence on a person than we realize. Rightfully so, as it is a place where you unwind and relax at the end of the day. After all, who can resist a warm bath with the aroma of incensed candles and soothing music?

To create this ambience it is important that you give priority to each and every aspect of the bathroom while designing it. And of all areas, floors are the most crucial. This is why you need to be really careful and pre-planned while choosing the bathroom tiles. They come in different styles, colours, shapes and designs and it depends on you to decide how you want your bathrooms to look.

One of the main reasons most people select tiles of different materials for their bathrooms is that they have proven to be reliable, cost effective and durable. Moreover, they are flexible and can be arranged in any way you want, to add that personal touch to your bathrooms. Against the traditional and conventional beliefs, today, bathrooms also play an important role in adding style and individuality to homes.

Bathroom tiles come natural as well as man-made. Most common tiles found in bathrooms are ceramic or vinyl. If your wallet allows, you could also go for marble and granite tiles. Linoleum, hardwood and metal are the other materials used in tiling the bathrooms. Each material creates its own ambience and character to the bathroom. However, when it comes to popularity, ceramic tiles take the first place.

By choosing tiles and placing them in different ways, you could be innovative and different in designing the bathroom floors and walls. For example, when you choose the colour of the tile, you could either go for a pink, peach or lavender with matching or contrasting borders and thus make the bathroom look cosy. Or, by choosing blue or black, you could make it exotic. Using metal tiles in copper, bronze or zinc add a modern touch to the bathroom.

Another factor that you need to remember while choosing a particular tile is that you need to get matching accessories as well to match the floor and the walls. Thus, you could get the cabinets, curtains and sheets matching with the colour of the tiles. In fact, you could further add beauty to the room by placing interior plants or pebbles.

Bathroom tiles have the power to influence you by changing your mood. They can relax you as well as energise. Remember, it is your choice of tiles that determines whether your bathroom is a place you can relax in or escape from as soon as possible.