What is Epoxy

Epoxy is a general name for a strong type of adhesive used for flooring and other uses when two materials need to be bonded together. It is the result of cured epoxy resins. Not all epoxy is waterproof, although the one referred to here for the use in flooring is water proof. This is especially important if you are considering finishing a pool or basement area where water may be present on a continual basis.

Stone Epoxy Flooring

Stone epoxy flooring is a blend of stone and a liquid polymer called epoxy. Mixed together and applied to cement and other flooring it makes for a durable, easy to clean surface with many options as far as color and quality. It is the choice flooring used in basements, patios, pool areas, garages, sun rooms, and more when a surface needs to be easily cleaned and still have the beauty of a high quality surface.

Why Stone Epoxy Flooring is Better Than Traditional Flooring

Traditional flooring in garages, patios, pool areas, and basements are made of cement. Cement does not add to the elegance of a room like stone flooring can. Nor can the color be easily changed to match any existing decor.

Traditional flooring lacks the style and flexibility that stone epoxy flooring offers. That is why it has become a popular top surface over existing cement and other surfaces when a more formal look is desired.

Stone epoxy flooring is also resistant to heat, water, grease and other chemicals that traditional flooring may not be. For example, if you are considering an alternate flooring for a garage, something less durable may not meet your needs. If your car has a small oil or gas leak this would be hard to clean off other surfaces or may even ruin them. This surface would make the area easy to clean and look more appealing to the eye.

Stone flooring also requires very little maintenance and will give you years of use.

What Type of Stone Should I Use?

The larger the stone the more durable and easy to clean the surface will be. Larger stone is more expensive but the benefits outweigh the increased cost and should be considered when ordering custom stone flooring. Although, this could depend on where you are resurfacing as each area has different requirements. Remember, stone lasts forever, so get the best you can and never have to resurface the area again.