The Dimplex 26″ Plug-In Electric Fireplace is a versatile fireplace insert that offers the choice of three distinct installation options. The first is a free standing unit – just plug it in. Although it’s possible to move from room to room, at 55 pounds it isn’t exactly portable.

Second, if you’ve grown weary of the “wood burning experience,” it’s a snap to swap out the old andirons for a new Dimplex electric insert.

Finally, it makes an ideal framework for a custom made mantel piece or as an RV built-in.

Standard features include a 5,200 BTU (1500 watt) fan forced heater, realistic flame display available with or without heat, adjustable thermostat, self-adjusting fan speed for quiet operation, On/Off remote control, and safe-to-touch glass viewing window that remains cool.

The Dimplex DF2608 requires no assembly, plugs into any standard 120V outlet, and offers a 2 year warranty.

Based on the average U.S. electric rate, the flame display and heater running simultaneously cost 8¢ an hour with the heater cycling on 50% of the time. The flame display alone costs 3¢ per hour to run.

Overall, consumer satisfaction runs high for this Dimplex model, but like everything else, there are also complaints.

One reviewer didn’t like the fact it was made in China. What can I say? In a perfect, economically balanced world, they would be manufactured here in the USA. None the less, we benefit directly from China’s lower manufacturing costs.

Another reviewer mentioned a problem with a tripped circuit breaker. This is a good point. The standard residential circuit is 15 amps and the Dimplex 26″ draws 12.5 amps at full power – just like every other space heater. You can avoid this problem by not plugging it into the same outlet, or circuit, as your home entertainment center or other high wattage appliance.

The number one complaint against space heaters in general is fan noise. So I was pleasantly surprised when I didn’t see any noise related complaints.

Based on its cost effectiveness as supplemental heat source, attractive design, easy set-up, realistic flame, and generous warranty, I think the Dimplex 26″ Plug-In Electric Fireplace – DF2608 deserves the 4½ stars out of 5 awarded by actual users.