Have you ever wondered if there is a cheaper way to dry clothes without using electricity? If so, the many financial benefits of using a natural gas dryer is what you may be looking for.

1) Cost. The cost per load is usually about half of what it costs to dry clothes electrically. It’s true buying a gas unit may cost a little more initially but in the long run, it will definitely save you significant amounts of money.

2) Energy Efficient. Nowadays everyone seems to be concerned about their “green” footprint and rightly so. Earth’s precious resources seem to be dwindling more and more as time goes on. It certainly behooves everyone to try and do their part in economizing those resources as much as possible.

Gas units do use some electricity to power their motor. The savings in cost actually come from the heating and drying methods used.

3) Methods. One reason why a gas dryer is more financially efficient is that it dries clothes faster. The heat is evenly distributed and separates more quickly. These features help reduce wrinkles, shrinkage and static cling. Moisture from your clothes and the heat level are monitored constantly.

4) Clean. Not only is using natural gas a green advantage, but it is also a very clean drying method. Reduced carbon dioxide emissions are a result of using less coal to fire electrical power plants. This makes it environmentally safe for all to use.

Another huge advantage along these lines is that the US probably has the greatest amount of unused natural gas reserves anywhere in the world. As more and more natural gas is mined from these sources, the price for gas will most likely be reduced even more.

5) Performance. Can a gas dryer perform better than an electric one? Yes! Statistically, by a ratio of three to one. How often have you removed clothes from your electric unit and found them still damp? This simply won’t happen with gas. Your load of clothes will finish faster and more evenly all due to more efficient temperature control from a natural gas flame.

There’s no reason on earth why you can’t save a ton of money without any sacrifice in performance or other features. And, modern gas units have special features such as sensor controls, automatic shut-off and no-pilot ignition. Automatic cool-down and de-wrinkling cycles are also designed to save you big bucks.

Whenever you build or remodel a home, there are many factors to keep in mind. Above all, your home should ultimately be a place where you and your family can be comfortable and relax.

Not only will using a gas appliance like a dryer be more convenient, but it will also give you more bang for your buck and many years of reliable service. Take a closer look at all the advantages of natural gas. It’s a sure bet you’ll recognize comfort when you feel it.