For the many homeowners who have to choose fire restoration due to flame- and smoke-related damages to their home, it can be devastatingly emotional and financially straining to face that rebuilding period. The first trauma came with the event that caused the fire in the first place. The flames may have spread to their home from a neighbor’s property. It may have been the result of a larger community issue that impacted the entire neighborhood, such as a brush fire, or it could have been a smaller fire from a faulty appliance that was controlled to one wall or one room inside of the victim’s home. Regardless of the source, the damaged walls and flooring, the singe marks surrounding the damaged structural materials, and the smoke that permeated the furnishings throughout have to be removed and the normalcy of the individual or family’s life restored.

The first step is to access the damage to the garage, kitchen, several rooms or the entire home, if necessary. Sometimes insurance is involved and has the inspections, estimates and financial end covered toward fire restoration, but some families are on their own in finding a fire restoration specialization company for smaller scale loss.

To improve the success of any home repair or refurbishment after a fire a family should perform the following:

– They should place towels on high traffic areas so as they need to travel through the fire-damaged area of the home they will not stir up the soot particles or push them further into the carpeting or upholstery

– They should change the HVAC filter and tape cheese cloth over the registers so no more soot will get in or come out of the system. They should also leave it off.

– For smaller safety details when the power has been shut off or if the fire impacted the kitchen then the refrigerator or any food left out should be thrown away.

– Although it is a great idea to wash either side of the leaves of all house plants, it is not a good idea to start washing walls, painted surfaces, carpet, upholstery or electrical equipment with household cleaners or rented equipment.

– Lastly, they should not send their smoke-damaged clothing to the regular cleaners because the smoke will be very difficult to remove.

Each person or family facing the intrusion or loss of fire has to dig in and face the loss each day until it is removed and/or renovated. But fire restoration ranges from the completely destroyed to the sour smell of smoke that lasts far beyond the moment; the sooner all of it is removed the sooner the family can truly move on.