Part of regular chimney maintenance is having it inspected frequently, as recommended by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. Doing so can prevent a lot of expensive repairs in your appliances, because a professional inspection company will be able to detect minor problems before they become serious issues for your home. After a long winter of fireplace use, spring is a great time to get your chimney inspected.

During a chimney inspection a professional will come to your home and examine both the interior and exterior of your chimney. The inspector will be able to detect and diagnose any damage, deterioration, or obstructions inside and around your chimney. If you have never had your chimney inspected before, it may be recommended that you have your chimney swept. During a sweeping, the chimney will be cleaned of all soot, creosote and other build-up.

There are three different levels of chimney inspection required for different situations. The first level, Level 1 is a simple and general overlook of the structure of the chimney. This will include the joints, flue, crown, and interior walls of the entire chimney. The inspector will also make sure there are no deposits or build-ups. Level 2 is a more thorough examination of the chimney, and is used in the event of that chimney damage has occurred. Level 2 inspections are required in the event that the property is being transferred to another owner or sold after fire damage. Level 3 is the most extensive type of inspection and is when an inspector will remove parts of the chimney in order to see hidden areas of the chimney that may have gone unnoticed and could be damaged.

It’s very important to hire a professional when getting a chimney inspection. Not only are they trained to understand the safety risks but professional inspectors also have specialized tools designed to thoroughly examine and diagnose any existing or potential problem and see where damage can go unnoticed by the untrained eye. Trust a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified and endorsed chimney inspector to properly examine and determine whether or not it is in need of repair or just needs a thorough cleaning.

Most safety inspection companies will recommend you have your chimney inspected once a year as per the CSIA. This is especially helpful directly after the long winter season, because you’ve likely been using your fireplace a lot during the cold weather. Having a springtime inspection will determine if you need to remove any creosote build-up or debris that has been building up over time in your chimney. If you’ve recently purchased a home it’s also important to have your new appliance inspected to make sure it is safe to use before you attempt to operate it.

By hiring a reputable and professional chimney inspection company, certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, to do a regular inspection of your chimney you are guaranteeing the safety and efficiency of your appliances. Don’t wait until damages affect how your chimney and fireplace operate. Schedule a chimney inspection today and enjoy safe use throughout the year.