As the saying goes, “Preparation Powers Performance”. Whether it is a homebuyer’s survey or a standard property survey, participating for the first time in a building survey requires a considerable amount of preparation and planning. You have to be both physically and mentally prepared to be able to come up with the right decision.

By nature, we humans have the primordial fear of the unknown and your debut survey is no exception. In the case of dilapidation survey, the owner fears knowing what the real status of his building is. While in a homebuyer’s survey, the would-be buyer fears the result will only discourage him to pursue purchasing the building which he has set an eye on. A rookie costumer can only guess what to expect for the whole duration of the activity.

In order for the property survey to go smoothly, save time and effort and most importantly to achieve the foremost goal in assessing the real and current state of the building, these tips are suggested:

Prepare your questions

Obviously, you are in an unfamiliar territory and it is expected of you to fire out questions. Don’t hesitate to do so. The people from the building survey company are more than willing to cater to all your inquiries. They make a living by answering your building survey questions.

If you find hard time formulating your questions, you may derive them from the frequently asked questions about building surveys.

If you want specific areas or aspects in the building to be surveyed more closely then feel free to say so. This will make the surveyor give extra attention to these specific areas of the building. The building survey can be tailored to your personal demands. If there is a particular area or aspect, this can be focused upon.

Hence, it would be in your best interest to, one, formulate all the possible questions beforehand and, two, list down all those parts or areas of the building you want to be inspected more closely to avoid forgetting them.

Be dressed up for the occasion

Since the building is being surveyed, more likely than not, it has defects in it. That being said, it is but apparent that you wear proper safety gears. One can never be too cautious in situations like this. Typically, hard hats are required to protect you from any falling debris and boots for foot protection.

And because danger may exist, it is not advisable to bring too many people with you during the building survey.

Heed the experts’ advice

The whole building survey process will all be in vain if you already have predetermined notions of the structure right from the get go. Preset negative presumption may blur your mind from the real condition of the building being surveyed resulting to a loss of a potential investment. On the other hand, neglecting the negative diagnosis of the survey experts puts you and your family or employees in harm’s way.