When we install any electrical appliance, often the foremost thing we dread about is the possibility of high electricity bills. But, do you know that by following just a few tricks you could actually save money on your electricity bills? Given below are certain simple tricks that would ensure that you enjoy a cozy temperature inside your house without having to think much about high electricity bills:

  1. The machines should be installed in such a way so that the internal drainage system and other integral mechanisms of the machines operate efficiently. You should remember that direct sunlight can decrease the efficiency of the AC by about 10%. But, make sure not to block the flow of fresh air.
  2. Do you know that you can actually modify the air inside your home by controlling the speed of the fan? It is advisable to set the fan speed on high when the AC is on. But, during humid days, set the fan on low.
  3. It is advised to set the thermostat at normal setting when the machine is turned on. If you set the thermostat at cooler temperature, it will unnecessary make the temperature to drop. It will not just make you feel colder, but, will also lead to huge consumption of energy and thereby unnecessary expenses.
  4. Avoid placing lamps or television near the thermostat of the air conditioning machine. The thermostat tends to absorb heat from these appliances and consumes more power.

Apart from ensuring these factors, you need to ensure a proper maintenance of the machines. Regular maintenance ensures proper functioning and energy-efficiency. Whether it comes to cooling or heating, Malvern-based store might offer you useful energy-saving installation tips. Here is a short list of some of the things to follow for regular maintenance of the ACs:

  1. Make sure that there are no vents or gaps in the room through which the cool air might escape.
  2. Check the filters and make sure that they are clean. Clogged filters affect efficiency of the ACs. Moreover, ACs with clogged filters consumes more energy than clean ones.
  3. Make sure that the drain channels are clean to ensure proper functioning of the dehumidifiers.

While you should follow these tips, most important part is to hire experts who have proper training and knowledge regarding cost-effective ways of installation of the ACs. When it comes to installation of units of air conditioning, Malvern-based Len Sciulli & Sons has experienced and expert professionals for the same. You can consult with them for proper installation of air conditioning systems.