Outdoor areas are prone to the vagaries of nature and weather conditions. The rose will not bloom permanently, trees will shed their leaves and the winters could make your outdoor space look forlorn and desolate – in such a scenario, they can use a little cheer.

Why don’t you consider placing an object of art – something beautiful in a strategic spot – not only will it add to the beauty and perk up the ambience but unlike flowers and other plants, will remain unchanging, neither will it require maintenance.

The creativity and the beauty that we bring to our gardens with flowering plant, well-trimmed hedges and trees with shady canopies, remains susceptible to the quirks and whims of nature and require constant monitoring and nursing. We can extend this throughout the year, and from changing we can turn it into an unchanging landscape, through art and sculpture.

There are hundreds of ways to adorn and embellish an outdoor area. Since centuries, across myriad cultures, artistic pieces of sculptures have been displayed outdoors and in common areas that have remained to tell us about the period and add significantly to our knowledge and history. You don’t really have to commission an artist of repute to create the ambience. For one, they could be beyond our reach and sculptures don’t come cheap.

Do simple things and see the change that happens. You could place a large rusty wagon against the bamboo grove. Install mosaic tile stepping stones or place chairs that have been covered with moss for a surreal effect. Day to day, seemingly mundane objects take on a new life, when placed strategically.

Frequent warehouse stores, whenever and wherever you can, and selects objects of art that catch your fancy. You will come across many items of interest and that you can use in your garden. Objects at warehouse stores are generally cheap, since they don’t spend money on overheads like interiors and advertising. You could find objects that look like they are worth thousands, but will cost you only a fraction of that amount.

However, it is important that you keep your garden sculpture safe and secure. Put them on a concrete footing and add a heavy-duty chain, for extra security, otherwise one fine day, you will find that some admirer has taken off with your prized garden treasures.

More than what you put in the garden, where you put it is equally important. Objects need their own space, which should be discreet and with an unobtrusive background in which it does not get lost. Try placing them where they can be viewed from inside the house – it sets up a relationship between the interiors and the exteriors. You feel, Ah! This is the right place, but when you place it there, it doesn’t quite feel right. It’s okay go ahead and change it. Getting the location correct is a process, where you keep on doing it, until you get it right.

The thumb rule is, never put it in an empty space just for the sake of filling it up. The object has to be an integral part of the landscape in your garden and deserves its own special niche.