Even if you don’t have a penny to your name, it’s still possible help your favorite causes. All that’s required of you is a simple click of a mouse. By visiting “free click” donation sites, you can give money to a charity by clicking a special button and viewing advertisers. Best of all, your donation won’t cost you a single cent.

Whether your interest is in helping to save the big cats of the world to clearing land mines in war ravaged countries, there is a charity out there simply waiting for you to visit. There are currently over 50 of these free click sites to choose from.

Most of the programs work in a similar way. You click a button (usually limited to one click per day) which will bring up a new page with a number of sponsored advertisement buttons. By simply looking at these advertisements, the advertisers make a small donation toward the cause. It’s that simple.

Although most charity sites don’t require a visit to the sponsor’s site, the charity sites encourage you to visit their sponsors for the simple reason that the more successful the advertising is for the sponsors, the more likely the advertisers will continue sponsoring the charity involved. There are also a few sites where the cause will earn even more money if you click through to the advertiser’s site.

Most sites are geared to a single, specific cause. Most of the free click sites fall under one of the four main themes: the environment, poverty, medical and animals. There are also a few that are geared to causes that fall outside these themes.

While most people find all the causes worthwhile, very few donate to all of them. This is because although visiting all the sites doesn’t cost you any money, it does cost you time. Taking the time to visit a site, click in the donation button and then moving on to the next site is time consuming and can take about an hour to navigate to all of them each day.

The simple solution to this was to create bulk donators. The bulk donators allow you to make a free click donation to a number of similar sites with a single click instead of many. This allows you to click on all of the sites in less than five minutes instead of taking an hour or more.

While there are a number of these bulk donators available, it’s important to understand how they work as the abuse of them can end up hurting the charities. If you decide to use a bulk donator, then you should also visit a few of the advertisers. This will ensure that the advertisers will continue to support the charities while still saving you a large amount of time.

What could be better? Free click donation sites don’t cost you a cent and you’ll be helping many needy causes in the process.


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