Leaving the home unintended for a trip or even for a trip to the store can be worrisome. Even not knowing what is going on in the home while sleeping can put stress on homeowners. Setting up commercial video surveillance systems can help relieve fears and keep the home protected from unwanted visitors.

A video surveillance system is not only to protect against intruders. Setting up a home surveillance system is an easy way to check in on the home, or even family members, while out of the house.

This system can also help monitor kids in the pool while parents are busy in the house. While at work, people can monitor nannies in the house or make sure the maid arrived and is doing their work. It helps make sure kids get home from school alright.

From a desktop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone, home monitoring can be made simply no matter where a homeowner is at or what they are doing. These devices can play back recorded video from any time or can play live video. Videos usually are set up to begin recording once someone enters the door.

A good security system involves the use of a powerful control panel that allows users to access video from any type of internet or data connected device. The interface allows users to manage the surveillance system to keep an eye on children, pets, deliveries, and other visitors.

The system allows users to track all activity occurring within or around the home. It does not have to be restricted to just entries or exits. Every gate, door, garage, window, and shed can have a video monitoring system. The system should function wirelessly, allowing users to arm and disarm the system.

The wireless factor also allows users to view the property or vacation home remotely as long as internet or data is used. Some systems even allow users to receive text message notifications sent immediately to a phone when there is strange system activity. Text alerts can also be sent to allow users to view the daily surveillance report.

A great home surveillance system should include video with HD quality and a night vision feature. Video transmission should occur at a range of 100 meters. All video should be stored in a DVR web portal. There is no need for a physical DVR, however. A good system has the ability to stream no matter where the user is located.

A wireless system means there are no wires or mess. This system is easy to install and operate and is weatherproof, a helpful feature for the outdoor cameras. The system should supply real time notifications to authorized users.

There are many free smart phone apps associated with system brands available to download. These apps enable live streaming to the smart phone. A special web address with a log in allows streaming to a computer. Systems also allow users to view multiple locations from one screen.

There are four main cameras needed for a quality home surveillance system. The first is a live outdoor HD security camera. These HD cameras can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. There is a built in IR night vision with online video recording and a playback platform with no software to install.

A live indoor HD security camera is also needed. The best type of indoor security cameras are vandal proof with online video surveillance. A live HD pan tilt security camera is perfect for the home or business. This contains a wireless installation that only takes a few minutes to install. A pan tilt camera has online real time video playback and a live view of multiple cameras at once.

Lastly, a live night vision indoor wireless camera is necessary for night time surveillance. This is made to prevent intruders, since most crimes occur after the sun goes down. A night vision camera should be easy to install with streaming to multiple devices.