The revolutionary Slatwall storage system is a great way to get your garage organized. The innovative Slatwall panels are easy to install and provide a professional finished appearance to the interior of your garage. The system offers a solution for virtually any storage problem through the use of integrated cabinets, specialty storage racks and various width shelves. Choose from a variety of hooks and storage bins that come in a wide range of sizes and colors. It is time to organize your garage and get rid of that annoying clutter.

This simple and easy to install system consists of rugged slatwall panels and trim components. To install the system attach the panels to your existing structure using color coordinated hardware. Just mount the panels directly over top of the interior wall of your garage. Both the screws and panels are available in matching grey, white, taupe, maple, and black. The 12 inch wide panels are available in 48″ and 96″ lengths. Trim out your project for a finished appearance using standard edge caps, U-caps, corner molding, and J-molding. Add a matching baseboard to complete the installation. The system is so easy to install that you can transform your entire garage in a single weekend.

One of the major benefits of a Slatwall Storage System, next to the eye-catching appearance, is the ease of which you can organize your tools, garden equipment, bicycles, and other storage items. With a continuous mounting slot you can relocate any storage device in an instant. Rearrange your tools and equipment as often as you please. Storage brackets and shelf supports attach to the Slatwall System without the need of any special tools or hardware. Just hang the bracket in any of one of the slats, at any height, or any location.

The number of styles and configurations of slatwall storage hooks is virtually limitless, from small single hooks for wrenches and other tools, to large heavy duty hooks designed specifically to support a bicycle or a wheelbarrow. Other specialty slatwall hooks include ladder storage hooks, or a handle hook for rakes, shovels, and brooms. You can even ad a slatwall hook for mounting a roll of paper towel, a handy addition to any garage. Don’t forget about a storage hook for your golf clubs, with your new found organization you will have more time to play.

For storing larger items like paint, boxes, and larger power tools, consider adding some slatwall shelves. Utilizing the same unique slatwall connection, slatwall shelves are quick and easy to install and can be relocated in a flash. Standard slatwall shelf brackets range from 8″ to 16″ in width to add flexibility to your storage design. Use the 8″ wide shelf brackets in tight spaces such as the midpoint of the garage adjacent to your car door, and install 16″ wide shelves for large items on the end wall of your garage. If you want an angle mounted shelf for shoes and work boots, just install a slatwall adjustable shelf bracket and set it at the desired angle.

Install a variety of slatwall open baskets for miscellaneous storage. These sturdy containers make a great storage space for sporting goods like footballs, basketballs, baseballs, and gloves. You may even designate an area for fresh produce like onions and potatoes.

A properly installed slatwall system can even support heavy duty cabinets. Slatwall cabinets are great for storing things like motor oil, pesticides, and other small containers. Mount a cabinet off the ground to keep dangerous items out of reach from small children. Full height cabinets are also available. A storage cabinet is a great place for storing books and other items that should be kept free of dust.

Just when you think you won’t find a solution for one of your odd shaped items you will come across a slatwall specialty hook that is perfect for the job. Add a hat display hook for your favorite baseball cap, hunting hat, or motorcycle helmet. Use a face-out multi-hook support for rope, twine, or extension cords. Add flush mount hooks, for smaller items stored in tight spaces. Wrap things up with a garment hook by the entrance door, a great place to hang that work jacket.

When finished with your installation, everything will be securely stowed in its own place, and easy to locate for its next use. Your neighbors will be envious when they see how organized you have become with your new, aesthetically pleasing, Slatwall storage solution. A place for everything and everything in its place!