Custom security systems help homes and businesses stay safe and secure, and there are a variety of security technologies that are currently in use.

These systems for your home are available for every lifestyle and budget. They keep families safe and secure and connected to your home wherever you are.

Not long ago, having a video surveillance system in your home was considered a luxury, but now the affordability of cameras has made them a common addition to home security systems. Cameras enhance security and offer homeowners assistance with their daily routine, such as assuring packages arrive and kids make it home safely from school.

Outdoor cameras can be used at entrances to verify visitors and potential risk areas like swimming pools. Adding cameras with infrared technology allows you to view nighttime activity around your home. Camera systems can be set up to record to a DVR, so you can archive and review footage and capture live events.

With digital video security, homeowners can view live streaming video and receive clips and images of important events when they occur.

Homeowners can also utilize theft protection sensors that can be affixed to valuable items in your home, including flat screen TVs, artworks, computers, and more.

Environmental sensors are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms and detect floods, leaks, and extreme temperatures to minimize the risk of dangerous conditions to your home and valuables.

Homeowners can install wireless remotes that offer the features of traditional keypads with fingertip control to operate security systems.

Custom security systems for businesses offer video surveillance and alarm monitoring that is on the cutting edge of business security technology. Wireless burglar alarm systems provide up to the minute tracking of entry/exit from one platform.

From commercial door alarms to complex PC-based systems, security system access control is also available.

With remote video surveillance systems, business owners can receive text messages from your security system and utilize remote control applications on their smart phones. Fire safety alarm systems keep businesses safe and code-compliant. Business security cameras and surveillance systems monitor personnel, real property, and inventory around the clock.

As you can see, there are a variety of options for homes and businesses. Look online for security companies that provide solutions from emergency call stations to access control that passively and actively track devices and people and provide emergency notification. They are custom designed and easy to use and if you already have a security system you can add new components that can be integrated into your system.