People just love to buy and keep things they cherish for a long time. Through the years, they get attached to these items resulting in them putting sentimental value to their personal possessions.

A survey done by Access Self Storage covering 1,000 households in the U.K. revealed that Britons would rather keep some items they love than throw them away or sell them online. Things they normally treasure are those with an emotional connection to them since childhood. Toys from the 1980s and 1990s are the most popular followed by clothes that no longer fit them, family photos and love letters.

Psychologists point out that people usually start to collect things at a young age. These things later on serve as memory triggers or memorabilia that somehow represent their experiences in life. And these items that often have a sentimental value continue to be accumulated as time passes by.

In the U.K., nostalgia toys occupy the number spot in the list of top storage items. These include toys collected at a young age such as the first edition comics and brand collectibles such as Harry Potter items, Rubik’s Cube, Star Wars and Barbie.

The other items often found in storage that make up the top 10 list are photos of family and friends, favorite clothes, royal memorabilia, special edition newspapers and tribute magazines, wedding dresses, music cassettes, VHS and Betamax tapes and vinyl, electrical items such as the first mobile phones, old computers and walkmans, love letters from girlfriends and ex-boyfriends as well as greeting and birthday cards from the 1980s.

Unfortunately, personal items eventually accumulate at home that oftentimes, homeowners find themselves having a hard time organizing their stuff. Or they face storage issues when they no longer have enough space to keep this personal stuff.

Thanks to these self storage facilities, homeowners and individuals now have a secure place to keep items they value the most. For only a certain amount each month, they can keep items there without worrying about whether to dispose of it or not.

Unfortunately, some sectors say people are only wasting their money storing garbage in these facilities. They are right in a way because some people just used their rental units to keep unused items until they become full and keep paying for the rent amounting to thousands of dollars through the years. This type of tenants do not even make a plan on what to do with their stored items there and worse, the others eventually forget about it ending up not paying as time moves on. When asked what they store in lockers and units, there are people who simply say “I don’t know.”

When the storage provider then holds the items and sell them at monthly auction, some also end up not being bought. So what the management normally does is throw the things away especially if they don’t find something valuable in the stored items.

So this is the situation that’s happening today in line with the use of self storage facilities. These rental units are very useful as long as people know how to use them properly.